Courses Developed or Significantly Updated, By Semester

Interdisciplinary Studies Program, University of Texas at Arlington unless noted.

Fall 2015

Senior Seminar: Race and Racism in America (INTS 4391)

Summer 2015

Independent Study (INTS 4396): Mentored student research project integrating sociological analysis of educational outcomes of foster care youth, developmental theory of emerging adulthood, and critique of revisions of foster care program adopted by Texas Legislature.

Spring 2015

Senior Service Learning: Education and Education Reform (INTS 4392) Internship (INTS 4395)

Fall 2014

Interdisciplinary Foundations: Identity, Institutions, and Ideologies: The American Middle Class (INTS 2301)–Reorganized core course on Team Based Learning model

Spring 2014

Interdisciplinary Perspectives: The American Middle Class (INTS 2301). Reorganized core course as part of INTS Program curriculum revision

Spring 2013

American Studies 335 (Making Modern Atlanta), Emory University

Spring 2010

Special Topics: Justice, Democracy, and Metropolitan Environments (INTS 4388). Cross-listed with URPA 3301/The Metroplex (Core course for Urban Affairs minor)